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alleyesonme is feeling giddy

find out if he's cheating (read all 11 entries…)
now what...

Last night, I got up after he was sleeping and checked his cell. In the drafts is the msg “in the mood 4 a quicky”, to her of course, not me. WTF?????

It’s really strange how this is working out. Everytime I make a discovery, I always think to myself, yeah, he’s really cheating on me. But when I make a new discovery, I’m just stunned. What? He’s cheating on me? I think I’m in denial.

I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m making a plan that I’ll post in a different entry.

I’m really worried about a divorce for several reasons. His family has a ton more money than me. And while his mom may side with me, his dad, who has most of the money, cheated on his mom and left her for the mistress. So, he’ll probably be perfectly ok with his behavior.

I have no job. I’m in school right now, so that will be solved in 15 months. If I can just hang on.

And he’s likely to fight for custody which comes back to deeper pockets. Unless he leaves me for her. Allegedly, she and her husband can’t or don’t want kids. Although he mentioned to me the other day that she may want kids now. Which makes me think she’s after him for the longterm. Maybe they have some sick little fantasy where they live together with my child as a happy little family…over my dead body, BITCH.

Either that, OR she’s trying to get prego with him. That would actually be the best case scenario if he’s going to leave me to be with her. Then they can have their own kid and leave mine alone.

I don’t think that’s likely to happen though. He already has a daughter he doesn’t see much and pays child support for.

He is such a man-whore.



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