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If I fall I will get back up

Yesterday was not a very good day for positive thinking and my gramma pointed this out to me when I was talking to her. She was like “For someone who’s trying to think positive all you’ve focused on was the negative the whole ride home.”

And I was. I was talking about all of the bad in my life because at that moment in time I felt like there was no good at all. I’d fallen hard yet again and this time I just didn’t want to get back up. I just wanted to wallow in the self pity and cry myself to death.

But after gramma said that, I tried to turn things around. I started telling her about all of the things that I’m planning on doing. I talked about my list of things to do. How I had just applied for a Disney Internship. How I’d found an animal shelter to volunteer at. How I was looking for a full time job. And how I was really glad that Brad and Sarah were such awesome friends. I even managed to turn the death of Ginger (my hamster) into something positive. I talked about the good times I had with her instead of the fact that she’s gone.

So I keep on falling, but I’m trying my hardest to always get back up.



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