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I got it in my head that I want a camper van

Specifically, a VW Eurovan with a pop top, the theory being that I prefer car camping over tent camping. Just enough of the creature comforts to make it more fun than adventuresome. I’m working on buying a 2003 with low miles. If so, I’ll either love it or it’ll be that stupid thing I bought compulsively in order to fulfill an invented need. Pretty much the modern condition. Sometimes I feel that way when I order french fries. I didn’t really need (or want) french fries … I just ordered them because they were there on the menu. But once in a while french fries are simply wonderful.

Okay, so back to camping. I want to go camping this summer and sleep in a well-appointed van. I think that would be awesome.


sipes23 is bewildered.

Those do look cool and super fun. I’m not sure I could convince my wife to go for it. Though it would be pretty funny to see me commuting to work in that.

Best of luck on it.


would be clunky. Luckily I’m able to walk to work so the van would be my around town and weekend rig. Also, good for moving musical gear.

I’ll let you know if I get one. My friend is selling hers in Anchorage so I may go visit the relatives and pick it up in a couple weeks.

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