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1. buy decent workout clothes

Actually, I did this 2 days early, as I had a discount coupon worth 10 Euros from Marks & Spencer that was valid until Apr 30.
So I bought my first new exercise pants in… several years.
It’s lightweight and very stylish.
Can’t wait to wear it at the gym!


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I also got a new

workout se (for my birthday), but didn’t go to gym since. :)

shapeshifter_v if you're going through hell, keep going


I’ve been procrastinating terribly about going to the gym. I’ve been making every excuse in the book.
Too busy in the mornings – too self-conscious in the afternoons – too tired in the evenings.

Spring has never been not a good time for me to exercise!
I want to change this!

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Me too, I’m the same. But when I get there, it’s really fun, and I enjoy it, but then again I can’t find the time to go there. :(
Let’s try to change this!

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