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Facebook Connect in the house

I’m testing this out with Buster and it seems pretty hot. Once you connect your 43T account via Facebook Connect (this is all done on 43 Things) you can see your Facebook buddies that use 43T and when you post entries and adopt goals they appear in your Facebook stream, which seems to me to “make 43 things better”. Yeah?

We should have it pushed out in an hour or so.


Tink will be returning in baby steps.

No doubt some people...

...will enjoy having this option.

Me, I prefer to remain anonymous on 43T, whereas on FB I use my real name.

I reveal stuff here on 43T that I’m not necessarily prepared to have linked with my real name and readable by everyone with access to my FB feed.(My FB Friends include people I’m quite close to, and have no secrets from, but also a number of professional connections and personal acquaintances.)

But thanks for your continuing efforts to improve 43T.

I'm with Tink on this

43T and FB are just two different forums for me. I do more professional stuff on FB and I like the option of being anonymous here, though many of my friends here also know the “real” me.

Me too

I agree with all the comments above and most likely will not use this feature.

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With Tink,

Prefer to remain anonymous on 43things and public (where I share almost nothing) on Facebook.

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