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Lernen Sie Deutsch

Ich werde dieses hier machen:



So basically you wanna learn. Ant that’s is good. So languages is your area? And how you’ll do it in french, germany and italian?


Yes, I enjoy learning a lot, and find that the more I learn, the more there is to learn more :) ehehe… I like learning languages a lot, because I believe it helps us think more openly and allows us to see from a new perspective, as well as improves our vocabulary and strengthens our fluency in our native language. I also think that learning new languages lets us better understand the nature of the people who speak them, and better appriciate the culture surrounding them.

If you would like to see the steps I’m taking in achieving this goal, visit my progress page at the following link:

Click here -> X <- ereh kcilC

;) ehehe

wanna this?

:O Awesome!!! :D

That’s SO cool!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) I think this’ll be perfect too learn how to sign the alphabet! :P I know it’s not exactly the answer to being flient in sign language, but it’s a start. ;) ehehe…


I want to:
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