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Talk to the guy I have a crush on ><

I don’t even know how I began to like him. Ever since I came here I see him all the time in the computer lab. At first he’s just like everyone else who goes there all the time. I had talked to him several times before but I didn’t even know his name. Then, late this semester, I suddenly started to think about him a lot. It is still a mystery to me how that happened. I think it was the music that he was playing, or whatever. Maybe I fell for the “atmosphere.” And he is quieter, which makes me think that we may have a lot of common points. Yesterday, I went to the computer lab to study, and then all of a sudden he came in. I looked at him for several seconds and was going to talk to him. He also looked at me. However, I eventually shifted my glance and lowered my head back to my book. I was going to ask him about how the psychology test went, but I guess I was too shy. If I didn’t like him, I would have asked him. There are only two days left of school and I think it is a little bit too late. If he’s living here again next year, maybe I’ll try to talk to him more.

I just can’t stop thinking about him. I hope this is just a crush and that I will forget him soon. I think with my lack of confidence no guy would like me, at this point. It would save me a lot of trouble and sadness if I could just stop thinking about him.


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Aww, go for it! Especially if there are only two days of school left. Also, if you’re both quiet, he’s probably never going to make a move. If it goes badly, you won’t have to see him for an entire summer at least, & if it goes well, good for you :) It’s better to just do it then have to think about it all summer.

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