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Teach english in Europe (read all 4 entries…)
Officially an ESL conversation Partner

Twice over! I have two partners, a Korean man who is here studying Architecture and Desigh…well, he’s actually doing a kind of residency thing. I think he already works for a Korean company and is here helping on US projects, but because of licensing laws here, can’t actually work as an architect here without doing all his schooling over again here!

He is very intelligent and VERY good with English, he’s just a little slow. He told me that he doesn’t speak very much in his native language either, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep the conversation going.
But we did get sparked up a little when I mentioned an article I had read in college about interesting ideas for public space. It gave me the idea to have him send me articles about architecture – which I am interested in but know little about – and we could talk about them together. He sent me the first one today :)

My second partner is a young Japanese woman who is a photographer. Her English is not as good, but she is much more outgoing and chatty. I worked with her on the L R thing. I got so excited when she started to get it. I told her I’d be happy to help her with translating her resume into English, a task I can imagine would be very daunting!!

I learned that the same Chinese characters are used in Japanese and Korean, but they are pronounced a little differently. So people can communicate through writing when they may not be able to understand each other speaking. I found that fascinating!

I need to read J’s article and think of things to work on with C. My friend B also worked at the International Center and told me about a trick with life savers that helps people with the R L problem :)



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