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Karen "All things are difficult before they are easy."

do the couch to 5k (read all 4 entries…)
Why do I always crave bananas after I work out?

I just completed session one of the couch to 5k. And I feel AWESOME! I have seen the goal around here all the time, and finally looked it up the other day and read about the plan. This month I’ve been trying to work out more days than not, and I’ve been bored with it… without any sort of a plan. And since I don’t have the funds at the moment to hire a hot personal trainer to motivate me, this shall do for now. I’m shocked at how easy session one was. I wasn’t sure if I’d be dying after ten minutes of alternating run/walking but I managed to do it. The pace for this first week sessions was just about perfect for me, and 28 mins flew by. It was amazing how just focusing on the 60 sec/90sec increments made doing 20+ min so doable. And it helped to have a guy on the treadmill next to me that walked really slowly the whole time I was there, and did this odd super incline walk while putting all his weight on the bars and front the machine. It made me feel fit! Usually I get this little guy that hops on the machine next to me and proceeds to sprint on 6.0 for 45 min … while I run for a minute of two and then pant a lot.

I’m thinking I’ll extend week one maybe for a couple weeks… just to up my fitness level a bit. I’m excited about this plan. :)

Does anyone know that’s done this if the 5 min warm up is supposed to be included in the 20 mins total run/walk, or is it separate?


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Karen "All things are difficult before they are easy."


It makes it kind of fun to count the intervals… I’ve never thought running was fun! What a concept!

Good to know on the 20 mins… that’s what I did- 5 min warm up and then 20 alternating.

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yogamom07 Stepping it up a few notches

You Go Girl!!!

Way 2 go Karen!!!! I am starting the 8th week today.You didn’t mention if you were listening to any music? If you have an ipod you can download music that correlates with the couch25K program at
podrunner.com (techno version) or
kissmyblackass.com (rap/hiphop) It’s a litte R rated especially week 4. They are both free.

But I would suggest doing this because the music/motivation is great. Both programs will chime in and tell you when to walk or run.

The audio programs always want you to walk for 5 minutes which is included in the program time.

If you really want to run a 5K, I would suggest doing a few runs outside or on a track indoors. A great site to use for this is


Great Goal and Good Luck!!!

Karen "All things are difficult before they are easy."


Week 8!! Good for you!

Yes, I have an ipod shuffle and it’s essential to my workouts! I’ll check out the podrunner music… that sounds pretty cool that it can go along with the workouts!

So, the podcasts include the five minutes in the 20 min walk/run program? Week one is a little easier than I thought! But, I think I am going to stay on week one for a couple weeks anyway to get my fitness level a bit better.

Thanks for the tips :)

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