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Alizee tired and away

be perfect (read all 3 entries…)
be perfect: giving up

Throughout your comments on this goal (thank you!), I realized that I didn’t even know what this goal was about.

I knew I’ll never be perfect but I wanted to get close. Thing is: there are things I do (and shouldn’t) that I don’t want to give up.
I’m a girl but I love computers; so what? Does that make me a geek? So what?

I’d rather concentrate on important things; things that matter—> being okay with who I am.


Why shouldn’t a girl love computers?

I’m glad you’re taking this decision though! :)

Alizee tired and away

Girls & Computers

Well, a girl can love computers. Maybe she shouldn’t jump up and down everywhere because she got a new sound device though.
Or maybe she should like horse riding more than skate boarding (well, I’d love to skate but I don’t want to break my wrists :p).
But these are just examples …
I just realized yesterday that I’m not willing some things up just because I want to “be perfect”.

Thanks for your comment, anyway :)

A girl can also love to skate! Do what you love, and love doing it! Accepting yourself, like you say, is enroute to perfection. How perfection is portrayed is flawed. I think people should aim towards imperfection, if anything, in terms of acceptance, and understanding. Through your journey to perfection you have realised the truth of your imperfections, and that you love them so much you don’t care about perfection, which I think is commendable! If everyone tried to achieve this ‘perfection’ everyone would be simple clones… I think a geeky skater girl is a lot more interesting! You can reach your own perfection through such goals… Imagine being a champion skater, or a genius designer, creating those new sound devices you get so excited about! Achieving such things might feel perfect to you, but not to others, such is the nature of perfection.. in my opinion. It’s how you use your life, and loving every step is a true goal.

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