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truthsayer226 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Write a list of 100 things that were positive or made me happy when I was a child. (read all 2 entries…)
I never seem to remember the good things that happened.

I seem to focus on the negative things that happened to me as a child. My parents are getting up there in age; I need to remember the good times we had together. It’s important. I realized when I completed the keeping an attitude of gratitude goal that I carry a grudge towards them. I need to change that attitude before it is too late because it colors all my dealings with them.

1. It was good to grow up on a farm with livestock.
2. It was good to experience doing things the old fashioned way. For example, starting fires for heating the house with ‘light wood or dried corn cobs soaked in kersene.’ No central air or heat!
3. Waking up to the rooster crow.
4. Make an entire meal out of what I got off the land.
5. Well water straight from the hand pump instead of bottled water. We would have considered it wasting money.
6. Spending all Sunday afternoon swimming in the creek with my cousins while the adults sat on the hill and watched up.
7. Hand cranked ice cream after swimming.
8. Putting in a barn of green tobacco or taking out dry with friends and relatives in the community.
9. Making my money with babysitting and picking up drink bottles.
10. Playing out in the swamp with my brother and sisters.
11. Spending time with grandmama.
12. Working in the garden with my family.
13. Remembering and laughing at the day Dad grabbed a piglet to make the sow chase him to the new pen. How we cheered how hard he ran to escape her!
14. The Thanksgiving Dad fell through the ceiling after fussing at us not to. I spent part of the day helping him repair it. It was so funny! Talk about famous last words!
15. The births of my neices and nephews were exciting and happy.
16. Christmas morning Santa Claus. They were always generous to us even though we were poor.
17. The new kittens granddaddy kept in the egg grading house.
18. Watching biddies hatch in the old incubator.
19. Riding on granddaddy’s arm while he fed the chickens.
20. Standing under grandma helping her work the dough for home made biscuits. Never store bought!
21. Grandmama teaching me how to make butter from fresh from the cow milk.
22. Mama helping me with my math homework. Having problems doing what the teacher wanted even though she was great at math.
23. Mama crocheted a pretty doll for me and my sister.
24. Mama remembered to leave us surprises the morning she left to have my baby sister.
25. Walking down the road after the rain as a family catching rain frogs.
26. Riding our bikes together.
27. Family funerals when a pet died.
28. My father’s pigeons and pigeon coop. I loved to see the baby pigeons!
29. My father getting a speeding ticket because he was trying to pick me up from school on time. I was so scared because he was late! I ran to him and threw my 6 year old arms around him.
30. Playing the “here I stand upon a stump! Come and kiss me before I jump!” game with Dad.
31. taking a bath in an old cylinder tin tub with water mama hand pumped and heated on the gas stove burners.
32. Using the outhouse. No indoor plumbing!
33. Getting a new bike for my 7th birthday.
34. Trying to make mama believe that my dresses were as pretty as the other little girls’.
35. When my sister and I made bedrooms in the old trailer, Mama bought curtains especially to put in the windows.
36. Mama and Dad gave us a desk to do our homework on.
37. Mama made Little Red Riding Hood curtains to put in the room I shared with my sister.
38. They moved to be closer to grandmama and granddad.
39. Also moved because they wanted me to go to a smaller school and not be bussed.
40. When mama taught me swear words so I would know better than to say them at school.
41. When Mama showed me what it was like to smoke a cigarette so I wouldn’t smoke behind her back. (After working in nasty tobacco, I would not have anyhow.)
42. I babysat for mostly nice people.
43. SAving up money to take my family to see professional wrestling matches. yes, it was fake but it was fun!
44. Mama and Dad reading us books when we were little. Sometimes the same ones over and over and over…
45. Our excitement when we got a phone when I was in the 6th grade! I could not imagine a cell phone!

This was a good start. I feel so good from remembering these happy times.


truthsayer226 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

more memories

46. Mama had me go into the store for her so she wouldn’t have to take all of us in
47. When the school had book fairs, she gave me extra money for books.
48. She never put us on the free lunch program because she didn’t want to ask for charity.
49. she interfered with my friendship with a little girl who ended up getting into drugs. Thus protecting me from that kind of peer pressure.
50. when I got a skin infection, she researched until she found something over the counter to cure it. I was in the 3rd grade. She got me out of school to treat it.
51. She was easily intimidated by authority figures yet she stood up to my first grade teacher for picking on me. the teacher backed off.
52. Either Mama or Dad took me to school every morning when I was in K-2 so I wouldn’t have to take the bus. They were worried I’d be bullied.
53. I lost my hat one winter while running in the building. She bought me a new one and brought it to school so I wouldn’t be cold.

what a great goal!

ihatetopaint is wishing I had hundreds of cheers to give out!

I absolutely love this goal!!!

reading your post made me happy – so happy infact that I think I would like to do this too! I have added it to my list of goals. Thanks for the fantastic idea!

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