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Stephmo Wants to get caught up on all sorts of things

All those spices and special foods I bought? Figure out how to use them, or purge them or something... (read all 39 entries…)
And the last pantry...

This is the baking pantry…the final purge. I used to have a bread making machine (I still do, but it’s going to be sold in a garage sale at some point). I had boxes of bread mixes – long since expired. Tossed. Gingerbread house kit – expired, but I saved the gingerbread people cookie cutters. Random jars of sauce that had expired and looked way suspect (you don’t want to know about the super scary sweet and sour sauce), tossed. Dried garlic flakes that went soft and greenish – tossed (must get new, smaller bag and better container – these are awesome curry toppers). Strange fruit cocktail cans – tossed. Expired pineapple juice – tossed.

Not that there wasn’t plenty of stuff left. And it’s very organized now!


Bee Sage obsessed with learning

Glass canisters

I noticed the glass canisters above the Gold Medal flour. My mom has some of those, but the rubber seals are going. Do you know where we could replace those? Or pick up a new set for me? They’re amazing, and easy for me to hold so I can reach inside of them (I’m short, counters being too tall is a regular problem for me.)

BTW…I’m jealous of your pantry, it’s big and clean looking!

Stephmo Wants to get caught up on all sorts of things

Don't be jealous of the pantry!

It’s from IKEA!

As far a the glass jars go, they’re ancient – I got them at Lazarus which is now a Macy’s and it’s not their thing anymore. I know I saw similar ones when Linen’s N’ Things used to be in business, but now they’re gone as well…

Although, on a hunch, you have me checking World Market to see if they have them – and I swear that’s less than I paid for them back in the day!

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