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lever doot as slaav!
Be more courageous, never give up, inspire others

My Frisian ancestors lived, fought and died according the motto, “Lever doot as slaav!” It is better to be dead than to be a slave. Independent people are know that they must collaborate with others, inspire others. They are also necessarily courageous; courage is a like a muscle that is strengthened through exercise, repetition and will. A truly independent and courageous person realizes the importance of NEVER, EVER, EVER starting to think like a slave.

This motto has historical significance; especially for people who believe in what the United States represents. The Frisian republic is the first known republic of independent citizens founded over 1100 years ago in late ninth century … Friesland is first of several independent Dutch republics … which Madison and Hamilton wrote about in the 20th of the Federalist papers ... which are the intellectual basis for the Constitution of the United States.


Please, answer me.

Hi!!! I’m Ji seon, choi from south korea.

I just read your comment about Jatropha oil.

Actually, I’m volunteer in Mozambique. And My project just start produces Jatropha oil. And we are in experiment for making Jatropha soap. we just use castic soda, Jatropha oil, water and sometimes milho. But, I really don’t have any idea. I hope you can give help.

Please, contact me.


I’m going back my country on November.

I’m wating answer, thank you so much.


I want to:
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