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change everything needs to spend her time more wisely

figure out how I want to eat (read all 9 entries…)
I know some parts...

I want to eat less meat. I want to eat purposefully (rather than just eating a brownie when it’s set in front of me for no good reason).

I want to think ahead so I have good options every day. I want to balance fruits with vegetables. I want to support local growers without only eating lettuce in May (which is the only thing I can guy locally in May).

I’m a big fan of Michael Pollan. The Omnivore’s Dilemma was the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read, and I never really thought about food before that. I struggle with how I want to eat now. I want to eat well, but I also want to eat when I’m hungry. I struggle with this from a weight/caloric perspective, more on a overall healthful, ethical perspective.

It’s frustrating because it never goes away. There is always thinking to be done about food, because it needs to be a part of your life about three times a day.

So before I can figure out if I’m eating how I want to eat, I first need to figure out how I want to eat.


susans43 ready for spring time in S. Jersey!

try doing it with a friend

i am in the process of becoming a vegan with 2 other good friends – it is more involved than we realized. From what I’ve read it akes about 2 yrs to become completely vegan. But it is nice to have friends to talk to about it.

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I want to:
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