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LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

become a werecat
how to become a werecat

not many people know how to become a werecat. some dont even know how to turn others. but they are working to find that out. in most it is born natural. and i do not think you can be a werecat without a big-cat animal spirit.
And incase anyone is wondering, the full moon is for werewolves. the new moon is for werecats (of any species). and that a werecat is not like in most anime. it actually looks like whatever species it is, and not a house cat. <—-random facts time =_= .and please ask me if u want to be in Luna Clan (Moon Clan)


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LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

ur research was probably written by humans. and yes, you did affend other people. who are probably going to show other people. and i will not co-operate. i etheir ignore you after we are done talking, or you become my clans rival. id rather ignore you.

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(This comment was deleted.)

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

thanks for respecting me as a clan leader. sorry for being so mad. i somtimes dont take the time to read somthing over twice. and then i dont realy get it. im just so smart like that. =) and i have to ask, what exactly are you??? oh, and thanks a realy would like to have a website. last time i made one i failed. i find it impossible.

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(This comment was deleted.)

Umm.. Excuse me Ummm.. I have got the spirit of a panther am I a werecat then? and If so can I join your clan if you have one?


yes i was wondering is there any way a werecat can bite a human and turn them to one if so i would like to be a werecat cause i am drawn to black panthers if u could respond back to me my e-mail is ty.

u wanna b a werecat?fb me and u can.

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(This comment was deleted.)

Your explanation of the “new moon” explains a lot of myself. I’d like to share that at the full moon, werecats shouldn’t go outside at night. You change into a panther in your dreams, right?

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

yes, my other form is a panther. and umm, technically also in my dreams i guess i change into a panther too. but why shouldnt they go out on the full moon? nothing will realy happen.

Well one of my friends warned me about how werewolves like using werecats as chew toys. Also things can happen, you just can’t see them at night. But werecats can sense them, but can’t see them. Maybe your just lucky, I’ve experinced a time when a werewolf did come and hunt in my neighborhood. (not a pretty time)

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

no they dont, i think almost every species of werecat is bigger than werewolf. and i can very well see them. but all my werewolf friends are smaller than me when we are in diffrent forms. even though the black panther is only medium sized compared to other bigcats. dont be afriad of them. i have one in Luna Clan. and i have alliances with a werewolf pack and a coven with a werewolf.

I’m a young panther and I just found out what I am about two years ago. I’ve never remembered if I’ve ever transformed in my dreams. Even though I can sence them, I’ve never talked to a werewolve, who actually knows its a werewolve. This actually is the first time I’ve ever talked to my own kind anyway.
The only reason I’m still alive today, is because my sister has a guardian.

(This comment was deleted.)

I want to be a werewolf BAD! Can some1 hook me up?

Am I a werecat because my spirit is a panther.So am i a werecat or not please answer

thanks to leaderwerepanther

dude, u awserd all my questions to me and my girl friend.thanks cuz i thought it was a full moon that it happens but i was wrong cuz i would wake up tierd after newmoos with scars all over me and some wat some yellow full moos for my gf i got those scars cuz i have a dog i da house . :/ well thanks for teling us

found out wat i am......

well i did a littel research and i found out wat cat i am . im a oerkat. tis da one in my pic obviously.i can barely spell:/ once again thnx to leaderwerepanther.msg me im thinkin about da clan

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

Your welcome. But I’m not the best at knowledge on Weres….I found out I’m not even a panther! Well, I’ve known it for months. I just thought my clan would call me a poser for not knowing….I never looked at myself when I shifted, aren’t I smart? Lol. I looked into the water once, but it was dark and murky. Thats probably why I thought I was a panther, because the water was dark and the refelction looked a shade of black. I’m actually a tiger. Please don’t call me a poser, like I said, I never looked at myself when I shifted.

And oh, I probably already posted my site’s link on here if you want to go see it. If not, it’s

And the next new moon is tomorow ; ) The 18th

ur not a poser

i will never say ur a poser cuz as long as ur one ur safe heck ididint even no wat i wuz till da 14.well tonite will be a long nite .18th. dude lets listen to hardcore rok and go insane.

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

Lol. I was listening to my little step sister screaming all night. I was in the city instead of my actuall town. So I couldn’t shift.


oh wow lol i would of smaked her.well i kinda didnit learn how to control it so its like a blak out for me but then i remember getting up but then a nother black out then i woke up at 7 4 no reason :/ but unno btw do u like rok

(This comment was deleted.)


well unno by rock imean any kind cuz i like any kind as well btw i wanna start a clan but be like not hostile to ur clan more like associated with it unno


heyy i live in da same state as stormykat.florida.if shes goin into da 8th grade i own im in a 14 yr old freshmen and it cool.oh btw think about me starting a clan assoiciated wit urs k.

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

Okay, lol. Your about the same age as my clan. And atleast we are both on Eastside.

And you mean an alliance? Okay. We just got rid of our last one because the leader of their clan was starting pointless fights with me over somthing that doesn’t even involve her. And kept making up fake measurments of animals, and just has so much diffrent beliefs as us.

What are you going to call your clan?


well im thinkin luna clan task force 2,or the under ground and im good with fighting especially one of my class mates hes fukin swole and knows how to fight real good and if u want ill use gunz cuz i have a cople but i dont hunt i think its wrong.soooooooooooooo

LeaderWerePanther WereTiger and proud <3

Lol fail XD my clan’s name is Luna Clan. So that’s off the market. And so is Moon Clan (it’s translation).

And oh? confused


yea ino ur clan name is luna clan and da translation is moon clan so i guess ill stick with the underground cuz undergroud stands for no law and goverment getting involve of finding out or trying to stop us soo yea btw i got the swine flu like 2 days ago from dis date soo im getin better

been gone so long, computer broke. need a way back into the site, please. leaderwerepanther

(This comment was deleted.)

i need to become a cat or something

wat i said in the title


why not be a werewolf
Just saying or find a way to be a werecat

uhmmm how do you know if your a werecat? sigh im just wondering one of my friends suggested that i might be some other sort of animal because ive done research lycans and vampires…ive tried becoming either species but when i stepped on the path of either species i didn’t feel right so i ended up backing out and cutting contact with anybody i had met…idk whats going on with me…i know theres something different about me…i just can’t find what it is….i need help…please email me at i would really appreciate it.

AceCougar911 prowls in the night

im wandering the same CAN we figure out what exactly we are?

Help with inner spirt

I had a dream that goes to all of this well it was about mabey 2009 or 2010 but lets not worry about that so the first dream there were these cats just surrounding me I was going to pet some and they ran away and in the group before that there was a black one. No.2 This is the last dream that black cat came back by himself when I was in gym playing a game I was going to pet him then he hissed and ran away and the dream ended I think that when I touch him I might Tell me am I a werecat and what kind if I am?

is your site or is it wolf roleplay

(This comment was deleted.)

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