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truthsayer226 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

make a list of things that make me happy (read all 10 entries…)
it makes me happy to...

86. I went swimming and exercised in the water. it felt good to cool off.
87. We got back the cats I got a grant to get spayed today. They were happy to be back home.
88. It makes me happy to cook my husband a good meal.
89. I like seeing progress in getting the sheds organized and cleaned out.
90. I like supporting my friend who has a sick nephew emotionally. I know it takes all her energy to face each day fearing he will die.
91. find things that I have lost or misplaced.
92. sell something on the internet and see the money in my bank account.
93. talk to special friends on the phone.
94. feel relaxed and peaceful sleeping.
95. having interesting dreams that tell stories. Then I try to write them down when I wake up.
96. eating Sunday breakfast over the Sunday paper.
97. finishing two poetry reviews.
98. having a house stocked up with food.
99. knowing my husband forgives me and lets it go if I am having a bad day.
100. Seeing my cat run to me across the yard when I call him. Then I pick him up for a purring hug.


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