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fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

become a fairy (read all 3 entries…)
Hi everybody, I have a little suprise for you: A recipe for real fairy dust! Enjoy!

Firstly, I’ve got to clear a few obvious but important safety rules here; Firstly do not put fairy dust on your face (that includes your eyes.), eat it or use that magic for evil or your own advantage. Now that that’s over and done with, here’s the recipe which actually works!:
You will need: Sugar, a rolling pin and a piece of paper.You may find it helpful to use: a small bag or container and salt. (this makes your fairy dust more effective, although you usually don’t need it so remeber to only use it if you need it.)
What to do:
1. put your sugar (And salt if you decided to use it.) on the piece of paper and the half the paper.
2. Get the rolling pin and roll it up and down the paper. Do this for 5 minutes.
3. when you open the folded paper, you’ll find that he sugar would of been ground up into a white powder. Then you must say this spell while touching the sugar (and salt if you have it in.): I bless this dust, and thus, magic apon it, so enchanting that people will stop and stare, at the beautiful magic that wears. (If you want you can write down the lyrics, don’t worry, it’s all white magic.)
4. If you said the spell right you’ve got real life, successfully porven to work fairy dust! This is where the container comes in, to store your fairy dust but what do you do with it? Well, the main uses are: writing the name of a ill or injured friend on a piece of paper sprinkle it with fairy dust and hopefully the person will get better, you can write the name of a hated subject on a piece of paper, put FD on it and then you’ll do a bit better in that subject at school. Or you can get a friend or family members favourite item, FD it, and then that person will get good luck all week! If you don’t like the sound of that you can put it under your pillow for good dreams. (This does not count as using magic for your own advantage.) Enjoy!


(This comment was deleted.)

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Hi Victoria,

Eek! I forgot my password for my CDE, do you know how I can log in now?
Thanks, Phoebe. :)


ok well can you teach me to transform to a fairy ? i not a fairy yet and i am a beginner who don’t know magic nor spells and can you teach me to become a fairy ? no one wanted to teach me pls …... teach…... thank and my email is thank you pls teach online

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Sure, I'll love to teach you.



me too i always wanted to become a fairy i just don know how i wanna know all about them and become 1 my email is teach me pls

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

purplecouture in love.....

would you be willing to teach me

about fairies?or what its like being one?or how to be one?I love fairies and always wanted to be one since i was younger!thats y ive always loved the swings,it made me feel like i was flying,like a fairy ;p I havent found my powers or wat they might be, or anything for that matter,related to fairis!I just looked them up today and stumbled across this!(i was talking about them the WHOLE afternoon :D)~rlp

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Sorry, I tried to send you a email but it

didn’t work do you mind being teached on here?

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)


to get you to help me become a fairy aswell, OH how id love it . , for starters ive read the other posts you have made, and it got me doing a little research. I think im a fire fairy, my zoadic element is fire, and at times (though this is way to week….) i can think of warmth coming from my hands when my hands are cold , and then BAM i get this warm feeling coming FROM my hand…but not in my hand, i can feel it but i cant get it. (as in when i close my hands they still are cold) PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP ME HERE, IVE LOOKED EVERYWERE!

P.s…i warn you though i am not one eaisly fooled ;)

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Hi! :)

Yep, I’ll help you, :) as you probaly know I’m Animal fairy, and my powers involve speaking their language, charming them, calming them down in stress, once although it toke a whole year of practise I transformed into a seagull temporarily. (Don’t ask, I couldn’t afford any fish ‘n’ chip, lol jk!) I atually transformed for power practise, don’t feel sad, being a fairy is hard and I’ve been training for three whole years and only transformaed into fairy once, (Definatly worth it though!)
It really isn’t a worry about this sort of stuff though so please don’t get depressed over it, I did when I started but it gave me nothing but grief, I actually find my powers work better in a good mood.
So which lesson would you like to study first (Oh yes, and would you like to join this fairy club called twink we made with our friends? You’ll have to chose a missionary name though..): Spells, potions, flight practise, power practise (my fave.), metamorpology, fairy dust classes and finally magical dance calsses.
Hope to hear from you soon, Phoebe. (Fairy fan) :)

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)

I'd just love to

join your group, thanks for inviting me :D
hmm, you see, i dont live neer a forest or anything so i dont have much natural stuff ;p
I think i might want to start with…flight practice, because i love hights and i LOVE the fact that the sky goes on and on, it gives me hope when im down :) .
Um, a name for the club right, how about Blaze? Or just Elenie?
But how can we be sure that im a fire fairy, and ive read about that meters thing…i think mine was broken long ago :(
Anyways, nice taking to you

you can e-mail me at

P.S is lvling hard? because you said you were a lvl 5 and you now said you trained for 3 years?

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Well not usually (Sorry!),

I was the exception because because I half fairy and half witch, it took me two years before anybody offered to help because they thought I was evil. (As if!) Don’t worry, I’m not evil, its just my realm desendants are evil and my earth parents are good.

Adn sorry! I forgot that before we start can I ask you a tad few question? Thye will reveal what your fairy form is like, who your bonded pixie is and your realm, would you like me to ask the questions? And how much would you like me to reveal?

And my Emails
Thanks, Phoebe. :)

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)


sure! oh and releal it ALL XD
but, um how do i do flight training if i cant fly?and i dont got wings :p


fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

You may not have yet but soon you'll be

sprouting those wings, promise! :)
And until then, there is a secred meditation thingy which monks and nuns in distant countries called ‘Leavatation.’ You have to be one to do it though. (If you’ll like more info, you can type it into wiki, though I’m not sure I spelt it right, Lol! XD.) Or you may already have heard of it.

Ok, here are the questions, good luck!:
1. Sit down in a lotus or cross legged position, close you eyes, breathe in through your nose, out though your mouth, focus all your magic carefully, then you will see a colour, what was that?
2. imagine your dream landscape, whats that?
3. Put a buttercup of daisy under your bed tonight and you will dream of a clue either to what your fairy forms like, or your bonded pixie, it usually will give a clue to both, please tell me the clue.
Please reply soon, Phoebe. :)

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)


So for question one, so far i see blue, as in blue with a hint of green in it.
For question two, i see a small house with a front yard , and all around is farm animals and forests(i grew up for the first four years of my life on a farm with my grandma and parents, i loved it, we usally visit often, so that must be why i can only think of that as a dream landscape :p )
For ustion three, well, well see tomorrow cuz i havent done it yet xD

P.S i heard you dont ge wings (well fairy form) till lvl 50. Thats a long way to go :(
(i wish i was either a water or fire fairy :D )


fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Well on average,

but it took one of my mates just 3 months to sporut wings, pretty impressive! I’m finding it was worth it. :)

Question one reaveles the colour of your power beams, balls and attacks, which is the one you did, I have blue power beams too! :)
The second questyion reveales you realm: yours apprently being utopia, the realm of harmonic social connection, or to put it in a less nerdy way, the realm of friendship and socialising.
I believe you are a fire fairy, many fairy can tell to themselfs what type of fairy they are, the test is just to make sure, as long as you feel, ans sence fire magic, its almost definatly there! :)
-Phoebe. :)

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)

Thank you Phoebe :)

Your a verry kind person :D
Something strange has been happening to me latly, it has to do with light. You see, when i walked into my kitchen (it was dark) so i turned on the light and i felt, um, drousy you could say, or somethings being sucked out of my as soon as i turned on the light, aslo when the sun set and it got dark in my living room i went to turn on the light and then the feelig happend to me! Im confused, does this mean anything? Please help me here , it only happend for a few seconds though, do you think this is bad? or is it a sign of power?

-Elenie :)

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Please don't worry,

you see its either you’ve just realeased a bit of magical energy (Which is fine.) or you’ve found your power drain, everybody hasa source of power and a drain, perhaps it wasn’t the light but something in the kitchen that was reflecting it?
If you like you could spend a tad of time with your source and all your lost energy will be restored. :)

However, it is more likely you’ve realeased a bit of your power into the air temporarily, so don’t worry. :)
(PS thanks.)

Elenie Born with light, made with fire, thus i am a Fire Fay :)


Ahhh, thts greaat to hear. so do we start with stuff nowor sumthing?

fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D

Happy new

year! :D

Lilac I want to travel and see the world!


fairyfan cnt wait 4 new year!!!! :D



airdreamer Working on my mer spell

OH PLEASE Tell me how to become a fairy! I want it more than anything else! PLEASE email me at
I will be the happiest person in the world!!

DancerBeauty In life we waste years and when we die we beg for seconds

Hey there! Rosalia here! So I would like to transform into a fairy as well.Can you please help me?

(This comment was deleted.)

purplecouture in love.....

I would love to be a fairy

but I think I should learn more about being one…A few things just to list are:
How long would it take to become a fairy?
Do we get wings?
Can we fly with our wings?
Would we have to hide/cut off the wings if we get them?
Do we change in appearence??
Is the changing painful?
Can we go back to being human?
I know I ask alot of questions but I feel like I gotta know!Im such a tween XD but i would like to know more about being a fairy and what it takes

Sharkgirl13 is trying to turn in to a mermade

help my fairy element is wave !!!!

hi I read over the questions and question 1 answer orange question 2 a beautiful lake with a little bit of land please answer
p.s. can u plz call me snowflake

Alex8171 Love me-great. Hate me-even better. Disagree- I don't care.

fairyfan is there any chance you can teach me and help me become a winx club on this site i want to become a winx fairy like flora badly

fairyfan has gotten 3 cheers on this entry.


I want to:
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