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Congratulations On Marriage

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Congratulations On Marriage

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Congratulations On Marriage

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Congratulate Robot Daniel on his Impending Nuptials
Thanks everyone!

I appreciate the wedding wishes. If I think to, I’ll post a picture from the wedding when we get there … should be this year, hopefully September or October.


Mary Hawkins is ignoring cheers on this site for now. I still like you!

Good luck!

October! October! I’ll be really, really far out of town the last two weeks of September and this cannot be missed…

Colleen_C_C * holding the people of MH370 & their loved ones in my thoughts *

That would

be great, Daniel—I’d like to see pictures! smile

Eynar Oxartum slɐoƃ sıɥ ɥɔɐǝɹ oʇ ʇsnɾ uʍop ǝpısdn sı

Congrats, Daniel!

Daniel Spils has gotten 17 cheers on this entry.


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