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Live in the moment.

I always felt that being yourself, or being a good person, or just trying to be somebody in general was a “big picture” kind of thing. Like somehow it will just kind of happen over time, and in say 3 years from now I’ll be this amazing person that I want to be.
But last night I had this thought… it’s not a big picture thing, rather, it’s a very little detail thing. In fact, I think making yourself a better person is a very easy thing indeed.
All you have to do is focus on the little decisions you are making as you make them. Decide which choice is the one you truly believe is the right one, the one you will be proudest to look back on and say you chose, the one the kind of person you want to be would make. Make the right decision right now, and those decisions are what shape you into who you are.
in theory.. :S


You are so right. It the smallest decisions that help shape who we are. I need to work more on making better decisions with each small choice I make. Then I’ll be a better person. Thank you for helping me to reflect on that.

no problem, glad you found it helpful:)


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