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become a mermaid
Scientific breakthrough on becoming a mermaid.

Hello and good day to all of you.
For all of you out there who aspire a mermaid look no further; after years of study and research this method has been scientificaly proven to transform you into a real live mermaid. Ive tried all the spells and potions out there and believe me, none of them are as effective as this.
My collegues and ecstatic about this thrilling new break through in mermaidology, the understanding of DNA and the coorolation between fish and humans.
Ok, enough talk! I bet you’re all wondering how you can use this miracle in genetic science to change yourself into the mermaid of your dreams!!!
step 1: Make sure there is no one around because people who arent believers might be extremely shocked at the transformation. Also, it could be hazordous to their health.
step 2: Fill a bathtub full of ice so that the lower half of your body is completely submerged.
step 3: Place any sort of fish (dead or alive) within an arms length of your legs. It doesnt matter what type of fish, canned tuna has been proven to work just as well as any other type of fish. The type of fish has no impact on the tail you will eventually have.
step 4: Place a scented candle or strong scented marker close to the tub and inhale deepy for about 5 minutes but remain in the tub for 10.
step 5: Remove yourself and the fish from the tub. You must sleep within an hour of doing this and remember to keep the fish within an arms length of your body while asleep.
NOTE: Transformation will NOT happen immediatly; It may take up to a week for you to fully transform.
SCIENTIFIC EXPLINATION: exposing your legs to cold isolates the DNA in you and the fish making it easier to bond and manipulate durring the transformation. The marker or candle contains a recently discovered chemical compound known as tryptophan wich acts as the catalyst in jump starting the reaction between your DNA and the fish’s. This process causes a specific chromosonal gene in the fish wich has been scientifically proven to be the link between marine life and humans to bond with your most promonate genes; thus starting the transformation.

The official draft of this document will be published shortly; all rights and research related to this document are resereved by the JBSE institution for marine ecology and science.

R.B Gomez
Simon M. Rhett
Jasper R. Perry


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♠~♥Çh®isså♥~♠ ♥is bakk and hopefully this time she'll be a mermaid♥


fill the bath tub with ice or just cold water? also how high thanx :)

If there are any question just ask and i'll be happy to answer.

either ice or cold water will work. fill it just enough to fully submerge your lower half; so I would say a little less then half way.
you’re very welcome.

I will be offline for the rest of today.

i will be offline until later tomarrow because i am on a buisness trip for our linked researching. Ill feild all of your questions tomarrow.
hope this helps.

♠~♥Çh®isså♥~♠ ♥is bakk and hopefully this time she'll be a mermaid♥

1 more question lol

ok so is it a mermaid when you touch water or say like specific words or what?
i can wait till 2marrow 4 the answer its nobig deal

REDROCKS4EVER hello im awesome

ok is this a permanent thing cus most of us are not into permanent mermaidness mostly touching by water or summoning

lasserine Some sort of words go here

Where is JBSE located?

Every night till you change, do you have to keep the fish near you? Does the fish go under the ice or on top of it? What do we do with the ice after we get out of the tub?

i have a few questions..
1.does the water have to be ICE cold because what if we get paralyzed lol
2.also how is this proven like has anyone tried this and its worked?
3.what kind of tail do we get??
thanx sooo much!

(This comment was deleted.)

lasserine Some sort of words go here

Did you read it? Says it right here

The type of fish has no impact on the tail you will eventually have.

(This comment was deleted.)

so did it work??!

lasserine Some sort of words go here

Who is going to try this first? lol

ill answer all your questions from top to bottom.

Im back a little earlier than i thought… they decided to move the meeting to a later date due to various conflicts in sheduling.

We dont know exactly how to control the transformation; therefore, when ever you touch a body of water large enough for you to place your whole body in you will then transform. Mind you that to get to this stage you will have to wait until the process is complete after about a week.
Dont worry; we are working on ways to controll it and will let you know as soon as we find anything.

Read answer to the previous question.

That information is classified.
No you do not need to keep the fish with you. After you sleep with it that night you dont need it any more.

It has to be fairly cold, but not so cold that you loose feeling in your legs or anything like that. Our research shows that the water should be some where between 20 degress ferenheit and 30 degress ferenheit.
After testing this we have proven that it works. about 90% of our test subjects have actually been able to morph into a mermaid after a week.
The shape colour and everything else about the tail depends on your genes and the traits of your chromosomes. So basically that meens whatever personality you have is what the tail will reflect. Dont worry, im sure you’ll be fully satisfied.

If you dont have any pre-existing illness or health issues it is not. This should not be attempted if you are nursing, pregnant, have a previous heart condition, have high colesterol, have any kind of illness or are allergic to fish.

irritation in the skin
loss of balance
subconsious nuerological change in the nature of your eating and drinking habbits. (that change isnt all that noticable in some cases)
slight hormonal inbalance. (that lasts a day or two at most)
Any kind of candle that gives off a scent that is strong enough for you to smell works just fine.

I hope that i was able to answer all of your questions thoroughly. If there is anything other questions feel free to ask.

i dont get it

so, do u put the fish, under water or above? and so when you’re in the water do your legs need to be spread out or can u cross them?

Also, today and yesterday [I only did it yesterday so yeah] I’ve been REALLY hungry and thirsty like REALLY, a couple hours ago I had a REALLY bad head ache and when i drank water or took a shower it went away… also my skin is like pretty blotchy and red.. and LIKE REALLY ITCYYY so yeah just… is any of that a sign or something? thankss

Spelling errors.

Please forgive some of the spelling errors that I make. After all, im not perfect.

Lord Bearclaw Belief does not equal reality.

Your spelling errors prove this is a hoax.

Not to mention the fact that this isn’t science – it’s a delusional fantasy.

DNA does not “bond” from physical contact, nor do temperature extremes cause DNA to “isolate” – DNA is present in every single cell in your body.

Tryptophan is not a “recently” discovered chemical, it is an organic compound present in many foods, notably as L-tryptophan in turkey, and is responsible for activating the sleep response after a large dinner.

What is tryptophan?

Tryptophan is one of the 10 essential amino acids that the body uses to synthesize the proteins it needs. It’s well-known for its role in the production of nervous system messengers, especially those related to relaxation, restfulness, and sleep.

Tryptophan has two important functions. First, a small amount of the tryptophan we get in our diet (about 3%) is converted into niacin (vitamin B3) by the liver. This conversion can help prevent the symptoms associated with niacin deficiency when dietary intake of this vitamin is low.

Second, tryptophan serves as a precursor for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps the body regulate appetite, sleep patterns, and mood. Because of its ability to raise serotonin levels, tryptophan has been used therapeutically in the treatment of a variety of conditions, most notably insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

If physical or proximal contact with an animal in the presence of tryptophan could cause humans to “change” into half animal hybrids, we’d all have turned into half a dozen things in our lives, most notably into half-turkeys.

Lastly, the JBSE Institute is a bioengineering thinktank based in Japan, and I can find none of those names on their current list of staff.

(This comment was deleted.)

While I think that such an old entry should just be left alone...

I agree that there are just too many gaps here. Tryptophan was discovered in 1901 by Frederick Hopkins, according to Wikipedia…unless your speaking in terms of the lifespan of the universe, or at least the planet, most people wouldn’t consider that recent. There’s also no guarantee that every scented candle or marker would have this compound, regardless of what it is.

On top of that, even if DNA was isolated by the cold, it is still inside the nuclei of the cells, which are surrounded by quite a lot of cytoplasm, as well as the cellular membrane…as far as I know, the DNA wouldn’t have a way out, or a way in. Even if the DNA bonded, how would there be a guarantee that it would bond in a manner that would turn the person into a merperson? And the explanation is lacking on the aspect of breathing underwater…

Oh…and there’s the two comments that were left by this user at the end of the entry, laughing at those who commented…


ok so, do you prefer a fish to use, like is one more effective than the other?
i like rainbow trout. would i have rainbow scales??

I’m really excited for the transformation. ive already submerged myself in ice :D


The colour of the fish or the kind does not effect the kind of scales or fin that you will have; all of the characteristics of your tail are determined by personality and genetic traits.
As for the fish there really are no fish that work better or worse than others mainly because they all have the same genetic coding that makes them fish.
Just make sure you use a fish and not a lobster or somthing like that.

(This comment was deleted.)

Delano Dunkan making videos and such..if you want to collab ill be okay with that!

You said canned tuna what do you men by that?Like an opened or unopened?

(This comment was deleted.)

so did it work!! please i really want to try but I was wondering if it worked first?

(This comment was deleted.)

lasserine Some sort of words go here

Do we put the fish on top of the ice, or halfway under it?

How many test subjects has this worked on?

Do they only get the fish tail, or do they also have gills?

Would it be in a pond, lake, ocean, full bathtub where you change or would you change in the rain after being fully covered?

REDROCKS4EVER hello im awesome

i’ll wait till u find a way to controll it cuz becoming a mermaid by touching ater is too dangerous for me xo but it looks good so far

and how long did it take to come up with this

and if u were to help us control the tail (tail appears when summoned) wouldnt u be using magick

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