take one step of action on each of the UN's Millennium Goals and see if I can get others to do it with me (read all 6 entries…)
Found out theres

a food pantry/refugee center place not 5 miles from my house today. I’d heard of the place before but didn’t know where it was exactly. Went to lunch with some friends of my mom’s today and they knew. Awesome! Goal is to go there on Monday and see about helping out at least once day a week for a couple hours.

Then….also read the newsletter at the church I sometimes attend. They need help getting people registered and in the database this month. Sent a note to them to volunteer there on Tuesday for the rest of the month.

Then….talked to my mom’s friends about helping me get school supplies for the back pack group that my friend Dave does. They said they would gladly help! Let’s see if they follow through.

I’m wanting to ask my other 2 groups of friends. Just not sure how to go about doing that.

Feeling good about the direction of this goal though!



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