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Stop emotional eating (read all 3 entries…)
I associate my current job with boredom and I associate boredom with chocolate covered almonds.

Therefore I associate my current job with chocolate covered almonds.
Maybe I wouldn’t eat them so much if there wasn’t a 25¢ dispenser of them in the lunchroom?
Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad by not brining money, if I didn’t know a certain co-worker who is away for the summer that has an unlocked desk full of change that I could borrow from?
I don’t know, but I’ve already eaten about $1.50 worth of chocolate covered almonds today and it’s only noon.



It’s now almost 5pm, end of the day, and I’ve lost count on how much money I’ve spent on chocolate covered almonds.

Good thing I only feel this at work, otherwise I’d be way more broke.


I want to:
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