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Help me paying my school fees

i am a 24 year old Kenyan lady. i had done a diploma course in mass communication. av been looking for a job but in vein. Thinking of going back to school but i cant afford the school fees. am looking for a sponsor who can assist me in paying a three year degree course in the same field.Please contact me through This e-mail if you are willing to assist. otieno_carol@yahoo.com


Please bring me to college

My name is Christopher Apollo, i am male twenty seven years old a Tanzanian. I am looking for sponsor, someone who will assist me to pay for my college fees which is 2500usd. I have only one parent,mum,since i finished my secondary education she didnt be able to pay my college fees up to this moment which is 5years and she doesnt have job so till this moment im struggle badly to find a sponsor cause even my relative are not able to help me. I will really appreciate anyone who can help me cause what i believe is that God will pay you back please help me now,life to me is so hard cause i havent graduate any college certificate.You can write to me through this e-mail:christopherapollo68@yahoo.com

Please help me

My name is Moataake Kautu and im currently 23 years old from Kiribati. I have big dreams,but my parents dont have the money to help me. I’ve been interested in attending Avondale Aviation training school since i entered my senior level, my academic background has taken me from form one to form six as a science student, but deal with the problems that I can’t overcome, I could’nt get any further than form six. If you can please try and help me i would really appreciate it. Thank you
If you have any questions you can email me at daroyalmou@gmail.com
thank you and i hope you can make my dreams come true!

help me with my school fees

HI my Name is Nabwaeke Eria I am a 19 years of age at this time and grow up in Kiribati. I wish to complete my dream for my future but my parent cannot afford my school fees. The reason is that I have four brothers and one sister and only my father was employed.

I used to be the student of the government school in my country before and i completed my form 4 to 6 there, due to many problems I can not proceed further

If you can help me i will be glad

and i will promise you, you will not be regret your action because, i will try my best to use your sponsor wisely and to do my fulfill my dream and to return your favor

thank you

phone number 686-22407

Please help me.

Hi there. My name is Noreen 21 yrs of age. i wish to pursue pharmacy as my dream career. i live with my mum who is single and unemployed. i dont want to lose my goal since i believe that God will send me an angel who’s out there to assist me with my fees. God bless u all. My email address is nowagijus@yahoo.com


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