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WolfShift ..also known as Storm

Complete a p shift as a wolf
P shift into a wolf

I feel so close. I get to the barrier and I am awaiting the actual shift. Anyone have any more advice? I have mental shifted many many times..basically I am always m-shifting.. I just need help getting my body to change. I have focused on p shifting my body for around 2 hours straight..I feel my body tingling and wanting to shift..but I just can’t do the actual shift. Please if anyone has any advice or tips, or just wants to share their p shifting experiences…please email me at iwantmyownhorse@yahoo.com, or inuyasha626626@hotmail.com

I’ll appreciate any letters..thanks a bunch!


No luck on pshifting, honestly, I kind of stopped trying. 5 more days till my braces come off, and then I can start my training once more! Any tips and pics of pshifting welcomed _


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SecretWolf13 is falling helpless to the call of the wolf spirit

Is the pic above the wolf you want to turn into?? I always suggest having a pic or drawing of the wolf that you felt a connection to. If so, I have heard that p-shifting can take a LONG time!! I guess just keep trying. If you don’t have your own picture, find one and focus. Keep believing. Good luck.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

WolfShift ..also known as Storm


Yes, P shifting is definatly possible. And tingling is a good sign. And soreness the next day is an even better sign! Your doing something right ;) Keep practicing and you will get it soon :) For some it can take 2 weeks, others years. This is my second month trying, and I cant try my whole body because of these stupid braces _ But im working on my hand and the sensation keeps building stronger over time. So maybe I’ll shift that soon . Everyone is different, and if you belive in this truly, you will be able to. Good luck and tell me how you do :))

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WolfShift ..also known as Storm

Glad to help :)

Glad to be of any help. Mail me if you have any questions, and I’ll tell you what I have heard from other people.. :) May the Wolf be with you! lol

kk - XwolftriggerX

if anyone could email me how to better P shift I would be greatfull

my email is edwin4845@games.com

I almost had the same thing

it felt as i was almost growing a tail

if you ask me I think it’s odd

(This comment was deleted.)

PLease i need help with m shift T.T is it M shifting i i whole life can hear like most human cant and that i get aggressive very easy

I know a good website it’s called http://www.43things.com/things/view/184520/become-a-werewolf

I think it might help. I’m new at shifting so i’m still stuck on the M shfit.

if thers anyone who could help me please email at edwin4845@games.com

one more thing has anyone ever P shfited?

wolveseyes27 looking for an alpha female to be with

storm it me wolveseyes

i dont know why but mudtalon8 closed her acount so im continuing her help other werewolves p shift let everyone you know that was on hers to start asking on mine just go to wolveseyes27 and go to help other werewolves pshift/ m shift and become there friends

Emmettrule i am in love with the most amazing friance ever

can you help me?

WolfShift ..also known as Storm

Hello ^^

Sorry it took so long getting back to ya.. >.> been busy lately XD How can I help you?

- Storm

can someone help me please

can you help me p shift cause i been getting really mad at school and even at home if i see a full moon i want to go outside and this is what im going to look like

(This comment was deleted.)

XwerewolfgirlX AKA icepaw


Hey, Will you help me M-shift? I need some tips! Thanks!


i need help 2 p-shift i cnt shift at all .

if u could email me bsurace97@live.com i would be so grateful

Thymermaid is Meditaing

Samy I need some tips I am on my eyes and fur


i just saw myself growing wolf claws and my bones were moveing

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