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harryflies things are just getting better and better every day.

get out of debt (read all 40 entries…)
Close, but No Cigar

It’s been a long time since my last entry, but I have still been focused on this goal. I had a short holiday in Japan about a month ago that delayed clearing my debt, but it was a conscious decision to take advantage of the opportunity to travel.

So, as things stand, my debt has actually increased, but my net deficit is reduced. Simply put, I got a car loan.

So the situation is now;
Credit card debt $3000
Car loan (estimate) $12500

Total $15500

The financial crisis has had an impact on my income this year, with my hours at work being reduced by about 20-30%. That makes a big difference, as those extra hours provided the surplus income to smash my debt.

I think that the entire title of this goal is wrong, as the focus is on debt instead of financial independence. I may change this goal shortly.



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