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This is Hard

I’ve dug myself into a trench and now I’m stuck in trench warfare that would put WWI to shame. It didn’t happen overnight, but college did do a lot of it. School books are expensive and my parents didn’t have the money to lend me. I’ve stopped adding to the huge chunk, though, and am working on paying it down. I want to get a good deal of it paid off before the end of this year – graduate school will probably be worse on the wallet than undergrad.


you can do it

i wouldnt’ go into more debt for graduate school. make sure you really need to go, and if you do you should be able to get a combination of TA and scholarships to fund it. I might suggest waiting a few years to make sure you really need to go;so many of my friends jumped right into grad school b/c they didn’t know what else to do. good luck!


I do have to go to grad school otherwise I would NOT be going right away. Getting my MLS will definitely help in getting a job and paying off my debts, I just want to get rid of them now. I hate the weight they add to you, you know? Thanks goodness I have an amazing scholarship right now, its just the books and paying for everything on my own that has killed me. But this year I am working more hours than I have since I was a senior in high school so this will really help. Yay for not having to take 18 credits anymore!

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