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Makin' Plarn! and My Crochet Rug

Today was a rainy afternoon, so I spent it making plarn to crochet with.

“Plarn?” I hear you ask. “What on earth is plarn?

Plarn is plastic bag yarn! Here is a youtube video that shows how to make it and here is a photo tutorial for those with slower speed internet.

I’d been hoarding plastic bags for a reason! (Okay, that and my mom keeps swiping our reusable bags and forgets to return them.)

I’d mentioned back in May that I wanted to make a rug, but since then had nothing but trouble with granny squares.

I decided to make my own pattern – I recently made a REALLY nice knit hat from my own design – I’ll post pictures sometime – so why couldn’t I make my own rug pattern?

Went to youtube, found a nice video on crochet in the round and from there it was so simple.

Only problem was I didn’t have the correct size hook. I have 6 mm and under and one really big one at 16 mm. No sooner than I realized that little setback than my mom emailed me and wanted to know if I would like to go to town with her for a few things.

Sure! So I got my 10 mm hook after all!

I now have a circular project about a foot across that I did just tonight, completely half double crochet stitch of my own creation! Plarn is surprisingly soft, too!


Skyjack Zen Polish so long so long

You should

definitly post a pic of this when your done. I’m really interested to see how this would look when it’s completed…

LauralyBeautiful /this account is inactive

Will do! :D

I’ll be sure to do that. (:

Endrina ~ one day at a time

Oh, I want to see this too!

LauralyBeautiful /this account is inactive


Just keep in mind it could be awhile before it is done, lol!

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