do all 50 we are what we do, "change the world for a fiver" things
Over 9 months...

Action 01: Decline plastic bags wherever possible
Action 04: Learn basic first aid
Action 06: Take public transport when you can
Action 09: If it says 30mph, do 30mph
Action 12: Turn off appliances at the mains
Action 13: Recycle your mobile phone
Action 15: Register online as an organ donor.
Action 21: Turn off unnecessary lights
Action 24: Put your gum in the bin.
Action 30: Bake something for a friend
Action 31: Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth.
Action 32: Do something you think you can’t do.
Action 38: Don’t overfill your kettle.
Action 40: Join something (I joined greenpeace :))
Action 41: Hug someone
Action 46: Use both sides of every piece of paper.
Action 47: Buy a copy of this book for a friend
Action 48: Send them a suggestion
Action 50: Do something for nothing.



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