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It seems to go like this, one good day one bad day...

Yesterday was a lousy days… I woke up later than usual, feeling more tired and sluggish. I wanted to keep up with the workouts so I forced myself to get on the treadmill and instead of running I started walking uphill (15% and then 10% towards the end and then 0% for the cool off. Speed only 2.5, 3 at the highest for a little bit). It was great really… I was talking to my parents on the phone the whole time (I was behind in catching up with them, I only get to see them once a year or so), so that helped distract me. Also, does talking while exercising help or hurt? I have no idea.. Anyhow, I don’t know how many calories it was because while still on the phone I forgot to check and turned off the stupid machine. Oh, well.. I’ll just have to do it again today.. although I am thinking of taking a day off… Maybe I just need some rest from it. While usually I feel really energized after a workout, yesterday it just made me feel more tired. I ended up falling asleep twice during the day and had to resort to caffeine to get through the afternoon. Hope today will be better. I think I’ll just stick to playing some wii…



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