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dakk is awake listening to my sick 5 year old cough

win my disability case
I am stuck in SSI DIS HELL

I tell you – did the two appeals – first hearing in front of the judge was scheduled for April 2007 – the judge refused to see me -moved to GA case transferred to the Atlanta office. Waited 4 months for hearing date get it and then they canceled it. Two more months I finally had my hearing – got turned down – the Judge ignored most of my evidence – in his letter of why he turned me down – he left out so many things. My attorney filed an appeal to the three judges in the circuit court in VA. Attorney’s usual brief is only 3-4 pages long -mine is 24! Now I am waiting to see if they will do one of three things ,,,
1. just overturn the first judges ruling and let me start my ssi dis.
2. Turn me down flat
3. send the case back to the first judge and have me have another hearing.




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