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How To Raise My Son

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Raise My Son in a Way That Honors His Uniqueness (read all 170 entries…)
Third Grade: Week Two

Sam starts mainstreaming again today, with Mrs. Cortez, who knows nothing about autism. Well, she reported she had a student with autism in her class who was very low functioning and had a fulltime aid. Doesn’t sound like she got past that barrier.

Frustrated. Naturally?

Bumped into an educator at Barnes and Noble, one of the best if not the best my children have experienced (he taught Emma in third grade.) He told me the same principal who broke the law and failed Samuel made his life so uncomfortable at the school that he left there. He is now teaching fourth grade at a different school.

Said he would welcome Samuel into his classroom.

I am berating myself this morning for still feeling so angry at the original principal.



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