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support aaron in his career more

My fiancee Aaron is very good at his job. And he really, for the most part, enjoys it. We work for the same company, essentially doing the same role. He is definitely the more passionate one of the two of us when it comes to our job.

He says he doesn’t think he could do any other type of job; I think its untrue…but I want to support him more to be sucessful in his role.

There is no jealously from me in this. I just don’t think I support him enough – encourage him, make him see his potential, etc.

What I do worry about is that his job is limited to a few big cities in the US. I would like to someday move to a smaller city, but Aaron’s career would not be possible there.

So, this is my goal – to support him the best I can. Instead of focusing on my goals, if I focus on Aaron’s goal perhaps I can gain some better perspective on what’s the best for us as a couple.



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