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Alizee tired and away

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be more confident (8)

I guess being confident is also about knowing yourself.

Three people told me this in a period of three days:
you are a paradox all to yourself. On the one hand, you seem super confident about your “smartness”. But on the other hand, you seem to think of yourself as sh*t in every other part of your life

And that’s kinda right! I always take my intelligence as an example because it has been proven to me that … well, yes, I had it!
People have told me other nice things about me but I’m never sure. I guess I’ll never be really confident about my looks (even though I’ve been told I’m cute) because I don’t usually attract men. I’ll never be really sure I’m interesting because people I meet don’t necessarely express the need to see me again (even though I can hold a conversation about many things: travelling, reading, movies, music, science, anything really).
And the list goes on. Point is: I just need to leave with my lack of confidence, try to make it better to be … happy =)


(This comment was deleted.)

Alizee tired and away

Thank you Scarlett =)

Yes, your comment was of any consolation. Thank you for writing!

Also, thank you for your compliments.

I really like following you too (I’m one of your subscribers) and hope you are happy :)

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