cglover36 foucusing on me right now

learn to share my feelings with others

I have a hard time opening up and trusting people, I’ve never completely opened up or been completely honest with someone, and I’m 16 and there are times when I wish I could talk to someone, for so many years I’ve held things in, and it has just damaged my spirit. I sometimes feel like, if someone knew everything about me, everything I’ve been through or have done, they wouldn’t like me. I sometimes feel stupid for displaying my emotions, If I start crying, I just suck it up and smile or just say my eye is watering or I had something in my eye. I want to be able to tell my friends how I’m doing, and be able to cry in front of them, and not to hold everything in, because it’s damaging to a little girl who’s known nothing but hurt and disappointment since she was 7. I know this is going to take me some time, I have so much to sort out



I want to:
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