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October 09

Went to a historic cemetery tour by myself last night. Had two tickets but couldn’t find a taker for the other ticket so went alone. I usually would wimp out but I went. Was fun and got to tour a really old cemetery I didn’t even know was there. People were dressed in period costume telling the stories of the people buried there. Afterward, there was fantastic snacks and music on the square in town, just a few blocks away. Lovely little old town about 20 minutes from the big city. I saw the mayor who is a client and met an alderman who is excited about a county project I am working on in their town, so was able to do a little PR for the firm as well. haha. Was a lovely coolish evening.


raincheck been off 43T for 6+ months - bad bad girl! :o)


well done you! You were brave in going alone, and your bravery was rewarded. Congrat!

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