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improve my phone anxiety (read all 12 entries…)

Still chugging along with this… although I don’t think I have made much significant improvement since my last entry on this goal. At least I haven’t regressed. I still feel like I’m not making enough personal phone calls; the only time I’m using the phone is if it’s absolutely necessary. I need to work on that. I will call my friend tomorrow…


inneedofinspiration Ready to keep working on these!

I have the exact same problem

It gets me in trouble at work all the time. It’s not the abuse of the phone…it’s the regular use!

When you find the cure for this let me know!

I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from it as well, the anxiety can be very crippling. I think that the only cure is to use the phone as much as possible to get used to it and gain more skills and confidence. Good luck to you.

(This comment was deleted.)

Thank you! Your positivity and encouragement really means a lot to me! This has definitely been a challenge for me and continues to be. I think the hardest part was actually realizing that I had a problem here and deciding to tackle it as you said, instead of ignoring and denying it. Thanks again. :)

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