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compile a list of "must-read" books, one recommendation from each bookish friend (read all 4 entries…)
To Spammees with Hugs

Okay, I sent out my solicitation today. Here’s the form letter part of it, which I sent to everyone who might not know about the whole 43 Things thing.

I’ve been doing this goal setting and accomplishing crap for the last year because of this job thing, and it’s sorta working out for me. I jumped out of a plane, took a photography course, mastered chopsticks, kept a houseplant alive for the first time, saw the northern lights, recorded a solo album in a month, and ate seven Saltines within sixty seconds. Actually I didn’t do the last one, but I witnessed all my coworkers make their own attempts, and I was very proud of them. They are achievers!So I have a bunch of explicit goals and an unlisted minimalist self-improvement program going on at the same time which partly involves reading more. I thought it would be fun to drop a line to each of my most bookish friends and find out, according to just their own tastes or in combination with their sense of me, what is the one book I absolutely MUST read. It can be modern or classic, deep or shallow, fiction or philosophy, secular or sacred, fluffy or arcane. I don’t give a crap. Tell me what to read – one book – and I’ll read it. Thanks for your help…

With a few responses in already, I’m running at a 50% pre-ownership rate on the recommended books. These people must know me pretty well. That’ll save me the inconvenience of having to waste energy acquiring the books, but if this continues, it could seriously undermine my intent to combine this goal with start using the library. Alas.


Just one?

Well you didn’t email me but I am going to recommend East of Eden by John Steinbeck to you anyway. It is one of my favorites. You might want to review the story of Cain and Abel first (Genesis 4:1-16), as it is an allegory. It’s a good story on its own too though.

Okay, I'll add Steinbeck

Well, my criteria for a spammee was that it had to be a person who knew me well, which can’t be true because you’ve recommended the Bible, and with whom I’d discussed books or ideas in the past, which isn’t true because you and I have only ever talked about cigarettes and dating. By the way, now that your courtship with smoking is over, you should totally read Cigarettes are Sublime. Or maybe you shouldn’t. In any case, I have a copy somewhere if you’d like to check it out.

We never talk about ideas, Todd? That is tragic. Actually I believe I mentioned this book once before to you—didn’t you go on a date with a girl named Abra? There is a character in East of Eden named Abra Bacon, which might be one of my favorite names in literature ever. We can still discuss literature in the context of dating, or dating in the context of literature.

And I think it is good to be familiar with the Bible as a piece of literature because so many writers reference it. So there. :)

(This comment was deleted.)

I once knew of a girl who knew of a girl named Charity Bacon, and it was a real person with a real name. So I win.


Okay Toddles, you win…this time.

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