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31 Days In October

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Celebrate 31 days of October. (read all 14 entries…)
9. Seasonal cereal

I admit, this one is odd because I never eat this kind of stuff. I’m not a huge fan of sweet things, especially sugar cereal… much more of a savory girl, but for some reason Booberry just takes me right back to technicolor commercials and Saturday mornings in October.


h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

I forgot about this!

I really loved “Choco Berry” (right?)

Which one was chocolate with the vampire???? so long ago…

Made the milk turn excellent chocolate!

Yum! Count Chocula

What kid can resist eating cartoons for breakfast?

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

ahhh yes....


Loved that cereal when I was a kid…
I wonder….

Mmm, count chocula!

(This comment was deleted.)

FireRainChild Dive down, drink deep, you will remember how to breathe

I love this stuff

I still buy it. BOOberry I think is my favorite

Boo was always my favorite too.

(This comment was deleted.)

I have the music cds they used to put in the boxes.

FireRainChild Dive down, drink deep, you will remember how to breathe


You gotta catch up! I’ve got all these cheers for this goal just waiting around! : )

I know, I’m so behind :(

Need to get back into the spirit!

Thanks for the encouragement~

edina calm, alert, and focused

:D Kevin loves the Count Chocula and I tried out the BooBerry as well. But, I have to admit the Halloweeny Captain Crunch (that turns your milk green!) was the best.


Oh my… I’ve never even SEEN Halloween Captain Crunch! The Captain was my go-to guy when I was a kid, I’m going to have to see if they still make that…

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