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Week 1

Today is my official “week 1”. I think this week has been a huge success for me. Last week at this time, I was feeling sick and frusterated at myself, having just come off of a 4-day binge. I spent a lot of time reflecting this week. Not just on 43things, but to my husband and within my own head. The irony of life is sometimes too much to take, since I met a person in my Saturday class who is currently attending AA and a huge success as far as how far she has come to quit drinking and doing drugs. She was an inspiration, but also a reality check that i’m not the only other “normal” person who has quit…and in every day life the person sitting next to you could have dealt with the same struggles as you. Basically, alcoholics don’t wear different clothes, speak a different language, or have “loser” tattooed on our heads. Instead, we are just like the rest of the population – just not holding a drink. Saturday night my husband and went to a nice restraunt for dinner. I checked over the wine menu, finding some of the best I have seen in a long time. I reluctantly ordered a sparkling water and watched my husband drink down two of my favorite IPA’s. I thought about asking for a sip and then thought again…why? What satisfaction will I get from a sip? None. I’ll just want more. End up ordering one, then two, and by the end of the night i’ll be passed out a half-rack of bottles empty on the kitchen counter and angry at myself beyond words. I took another sip of my tonic water.


You mean I didn't have to get this tattoo?!

:) Just kidding. Great post and always so good to hear you doing so great!!! A lifetime of sobriety is totally built up of those minute by minute, day by day victories of saying no to that first sip! Congratulations on your official week one!!!! I look forward to reading more about from you.

~p.s. that isn’t my picture! lol, just to be clear.

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