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the crash architect. i like voyage, i like voyage

Practice bass 10,000 hours (read all 5 entries…)

This is actually a very lame rip-off of CreativeHeart’s “Practice guitar 10,000 hours”... but that won’t stop me from doing it. Today, in school, I estimated the average time I could spend practicing everyday… I counted that it might be possible for me to practice for 57 hours on regular weeks and 74 hours on holidays. Starting my countdown tomorrow!


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the crash architect. i like voyage, i like voyage

Serious musicians have no choice but to be intense… I’m not surprised you found my entry strange, since out opinions about practice are very different and you’re not used to practicing for long periods of time. At first my reaction to ‘brutal’ practice sessions was pretty much the same, but if you’re serious about becoming a virtuoso, you have to practice hard, but if that’s your true love, than spending 9, 10, or even 12 hours doing what you love most sounds great!

My practice session would be even more intense if I didn’t have to go to school. Even now, I don’t study and I do my homework at school.

I’ll post you my schedules, so you would understand how these amounts of time are possible:

Mon: 7
Tue: 7
Wed: 7
Thu: 7
Fri: 6
Sat: 12
Sun: 8 [I have Japanese classes, so I have no choice but to decrease the amount]

Mon: 12
Tue: 9
Wed: 12
Thu: 9
Fri: 10
Sat: 12
Sun: 10

Obviously, I could do more, but, at the moment, I think a schedule like this will be enough, and interchanging the amounts of practice won’t get me bored. It’s good to also make separate schedules for every day.

Anyways, these numbers don’t impress me, since that’s pretty much the amount of time I used to practice guitar. And, about guitar… my schedule is nothing compared to CreativeHeart’s 14-hours-a-day plan…

I hope I made thinks clearer. And I hope that now you understand that, to become a professional, you must sacrifice all the time you have.

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the crash architect. i like voyage, i like voyage

You and me are two different people. On a day off I can spend more time on different aspects. Various finger exercises at various increasing speeds take me about 1,5-2 hrs. Right hand exercises are important for fingerstyle, that takes time, too, not to mention slapping and regular techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs. Again, 2-3 hrs. Ear training, perfect knowledge of the fretboard, playing scales, modes and various basslines is also very important, not to mention the fact that I really need to improve my sight-reading… and, lastly, playing along, improvisation, composition and repertoire. Oh, and theory.

How is it possible to go through all these things in any other way but by practicing for long periods of time?

I’ve been playing guitar for about 3 years. Currently I’m almost 17. And distraction is your own inability to properly concentrate.

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thedigitalartist is designing books.

The 10,000 hour rule

Did you happen to read Malcolm Gladstone’s book “Outliers”? He refers to the 10,000 hour rule: in order to reach the top rungs of expertise, you have to put in 10,000 hours of practice. The examples he gives include the Beatles and Bill Gates.

Well worth a read, if you haven’t already.

Best wishes on your plans!

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the crash architect. i like voyage, i like voyage

Actually, this quote is exactly what both CreativeHeart and me had in mind when we decided to accomplish this goal [yes, he’s actually quite a close friend of mine so I know]. It might be a ‘milestone’, but it’s not like you just stop practicing after that.

the crash architect. i like voyage, i like voyage

Thanks ;] I know the ‘10,000 hour’ rule, but I haven’t read the actual book. I’ll look for it.


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