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finish knitting Mariah (read all 3 entries…)
I feel like this is taking forever, but really it's just because I keep putting it down to work on other things.
  • back
  • left front
  • 1st sleeve (almost)
In progress:
  • 2nd sleeve (nearly 2/3 complete)
  • right front (started, 4/9 of the way through the cabling, could likely finish the whole thing this weekend if I happened to feel motivated.)
Still need to complete:
  • revisit 1st sleeve to do decreases (I should really just do this and get it over with this weekend)
  • knitting and sewing the whole thing together
  • hood
  • zipper (need to buy a good zipper… suggestions? Ideally this would be one of those zippers that can zip from both ends, but could be a regular zipper too)



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