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stop binge drinking (read all 3 entries…)

I’ve had enough of going out and getting wasted, waking up with a stinking hangover, wondering if I made an idiot of myself and regretting things I’ve done whilst drunk. It’s pathetic, and I don’t want to do it anymore. So I won’t! Great, eh?! lol
It will be hard when all my friends are nagging me to come out and drink, but I can still go along for one, or just drive and have a soft drink. And once I move away in January it will be even easier.
I just need to remind myself of all the great reasons not to binge drink:

I will save money.

It is healthier.

I won’t have any hangovers.

I will save on calories.

I won’t have to deal with the regret of things I have done whilst steaming drunk, and wouldn’t do sober.

I will always be in control of what I’m doing.

I won’t forget what I have said or done the night before.

I won’t smoke.

My skin will improve.


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