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The blitz

In September 1940 Albert(13) lived with his brother John(12) and mother Ella. Their dad is away in the war. They live in a bungalow house at the east-end of London. Day after day Germans drop cargo bomb’s. Albert, john and mother rush down to under ground shelter. There is a big crowd and John get’s hurt in the crowd. A man picks up john while mother and Albert look for john.
The man takes john to the underground lost and found children. There is about 50 children lost and found. All children looked at john because he had a broken leg.
Albert and his mother come to the lost and found and find john. John, Albert and mother slept in the underground shelter for two week’s. When they come out from the underground shelter their house is still standing. As soon as they come out of the underground shelter. They come running into the house and every thing is in the same place. One hour later it become’s night and they sleep with glory. The next day suddenly there was a big explosion every body went to the underground shelter again. The next day they got out of the underground shelter. The Germans stopped fighting and every thing was ok. People rushing into their houses and then they slept all night long.



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