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Nankina is working on my damn school project

Found what I really want to do in life
lost in life----position in this world

am going to graduate from collage and major in photograph design.but i dont think am really talented at it and love this kind of job,i dont like just sitting infront of computer over 20 hours everyday,always work overnight that would kills me quickly,i am seeking healthy and cheerful job.i am so confused of my cureer development.i dont know what exactly i really want to do in life as well as what i am good at.i dont want to be a loser,i want to earn money not for me,it’s for my family,i am not greedy person…i mean i want to find the position in this world in this society and i really want to know what job i should look for.i want success.

i ask god everyday what does he sent me to this world for? to piss the world off?just like Eminem said??? no fuckin’ way…



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