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eat five fruit/vegetables a day (read all 4 entries…)
This is important

As most days, I hardly have any vegetables. Sweetcorn is my main vegetable, as to be honest, there aren’t many that I like! I blend up peppers, carrots and anything that isn’t green (I detest lettuce, broccoli, etc. which is a shame since the dark, leafy veggies are the best for you!), but only when I remember about it. I will try and do some kind of check list for each day, and add some extra fruits and vegetables in for snacks, and into my other meals.


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Of those that you listed, I like only beans, and I don’t eat anything green. The green ones, for me, are the worst, even though the dark, leafy variety are the best for you. I don’t know whether it’s taste, or texture, or both, but… yuck.

Although I will eat blueberries in yoghurt, or juiced.

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