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Help for trichotillomania

www.christinapearson.com/     Online impulse reduction classes For hair pulling and skin picking

don't pull my hair for 45 consecutive days (read all 124 entries…)

really great to have you back pullgirl!

really thought i was getting it this time… like always i guess.

reddit.com is such a great and horrible site.
if i knew how addicted i would be i probably would not have gone on. but if i knew how enlightened i would be by it, i probably would have gone on anyway.

hugely important french quiz tomorrow. have i started studying in the slightest? no.

each hair i pull makes me want to stop even more and to want this even more. can i stop? no. what the hell??!


Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust dances the line between two worlds...

Our stories are strangely similar!!

I often fall off track and need to start again (and get sidetracked from studying for French quizes…), but you can do it!! I can do it too! We both can and I am rooting for you!!! :D

I am starting all over tomorrow myself, you can do this!

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