don't pull my hair for 45 consecutive days (read all 124 entries…)

really great to have you back pullgirl!

really thought i was getting it this time… like always i guess. is such a great and horrible site.
if i knew how addicted i would be i probably would not have gone on. but if i knew how enlightened i would be by it, i probably would have gone on anyway.

hugely important french quiz tomorrow. have i started studying in the slightest? no.

each hair i pull makes me want to stop even more and to want this even more. can i stop? no. what the hell??!


Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust dances the line between two worlds...

Our stories are strangely similar!!

I often fall off track and need to start again (and get sidetracked from studying for French quizes…), but you can do it!! I can do it too! We both can and I am rooting for you!!! :D

I am starting all over tomorrow myself, you can do this!

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