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brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Give Brightthunder lots of love and support during her cancer treatments (read all 4 entries…)
Popping in to say Hi to everyone:)

My computer problems escalted beyond controll:( so I’m much later coming back than expected.

This goal is so beautiful, I’m touched beyond words at the love, sentiment and prayers that flow through here. You’ve all lifted my heart more then I can say.
I’ve so much to catch up on, and so many replies to make, on this goal, through private messages, and I’m afraid to even open my inbox. But, one step at a time. And I guess, despite my inner reluctance, that the first step should be a health update.

A few months ago I woke up with a large red swelling under my left arm. It seemed like an infection in my lymph glands, and I got it checked out, but the swelling and pain was spreading very quickly right across my breast, and soon blood and pus were oozing out.
There was an intial diagnosis of Mastitis, but further tests were arranged. It wasn’t mastitis, it was Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
Seems it’s quite rare, and very aggressive. And I was shocked to find out what the treatment involved… Chemo, followed not by a lumpectomy, but a radical mastectomy, and more chemo and radiation.

I was stunned and horrified, and felt much too young for this to be happening. I also felt strangely guilty and humiliated, and felt unable to share the news, especially since I had just joined the site.
Treatment didn’t go as planned, and I had a very serious allergic reaction when the treatment was just started. The problem was that as a child I’d developed an auto-immune condition. It went undiagnosed for a long time, and the wrong treatments were given, and as a result my kidneys were very seriously damaged. I’ve lived with the kidney damage most of my life, and it never seemed a big deal…there are many things I can’t eat or drink, but when you’ve had a condition since childhood, it just becomes part of your life.
But I had been warned that problems would arise should I ever develope another serious condition, or require surgery. Seems, if you look through the pharmacy books, almost everything is contra-indicated for renal impairment. So my childhood problems finally caught up with me:(

So everything was put on hold and some serious decisions had to be made. I don’‘t know if you’ve ever experienced several doctors discussing your various bodyparts, but it’s a very dehumanising experience. They just argue over what takes precedence… the breast, the kidneys, the immune system….and they seem to forget that a human being is sitting listening.
Weeks went by as we waited and hopped that the auto-immune reactions would calm down, and that the kidney function would stabilise. During this time I had no cancer treatment, which was very scary because the disease was progressing.
Finally it was decided that no conventional treatment could safely be offered. Which basically meant I was written off.

I sat at home digesting the news, and trying to figure out how to tell my family, and my fiance. I simply couldn’t find the right words. But as is often the case, when you most need it God sends help. An online friend I’ve known for many years just phoned out of the blue. She said I had been on her mind and she was worried. I poured out the whole story to her, completely forgetting who her husband was…one of the most famous naturopaths in the country!!!
Within 5 mins, I was consulting with Steve and we spoke for almost 5 hours. He’s treated many cases of breast cancer, all of which had been deemed terminal and conventional medecine had given up on, and sent home to die. Steve has cured everyone of them.

I felt my spirits lift, hope had retured in the most unexpected way.
The natural remedies Steve outlined were very, very indepth. In fact I was stunned at how complex the regime was. I started with great enthusiasim, but quickly found out how totally exhausting it was. And I’m sad to report that within a short time, I reacted to one of the natural elements also.
But I can’t deny the treatment was very effective … I’ll explain it fully in another post if anyone is interested.
At the moment, I’m on another rest phase, still trying to let my immune system and kidneys recover. My current treatment is minimal, trying to stop the cancer advancing any more. But Steve hopes that soon we can re-start the full protocol, and destory all the cancer cells once and for all. I freely admit to not having Steve’s great faith in this…I think reacting to the natural treatments really shocked me, especially when 40 abcesses appeared in the area, and then shingles developed on top of them. Physically, I was almost overwhelming, and emotionally I felt I’d been hit with a truck. I hadn’t forseen these problems, nor this start and stop approach my childhood kidney problems were causing. Many times, I’ve felt like just giving up, sometimes I still feel like that.

Amidst all the chaos and auto-immune reactions, I had some terrible fights with my finace. Despite being unable to undergo the proposed surgery, he continued to insist that we find a doctor who would ignore the kidney and anto-immune problems and preform the surgery anyway!!! His attitude horrified me, and we argued many times over these issues. He refused to support me with the treatments Steve was guiding me through, and even refused to read the litrature.
The prospect of being dragged around the country from one oncologist to another, trying to talk them into performing a radical mastectomy despite the dangers, was simply too much. At that point I was soon weak from the kidney failure and auto-immune reactions that I caould barely lift my head from the pillow. All I needed from him was a hug, some support, some hope that we would face this together. None of that happened, and finally we broke of the engagement:(

I can’t pretend I’m over him, sometimes I feel like the cancer is stealing my future, and sometimes I feel like he has stolen our future. I trusted him compelelty, and we had so many dreams of a life together. I can hardly believe that he is gone, and I know face this battle alone. It’s very hard trying to muster the strength and the will power to take up the fight again, knowing he’s not part of the future I’m supposed to be fighting for:(

I think that’s why this goal means so much to me. It’s giving me hope and support when I struggle to find it elsewhere.
I want to say a very special thank you to Stine for starting this goal for me, and for being such a wonderful friend.
And I’d like to thank every single person who posted here (I will answer each post when I’m able), you’re thoughful words and images have some to me at my darkest time. Thank you all so very much. I don’t think I could face the cancer alone, or the break up of my engagement. But I find here so many dear friends, and many new friends, and you all fill my heart.
Thank You.


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brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Thank You Wren

I hope you’re faith in me is not misplaced.
But I certainly don’t feel brave or positive at the moment, in fact I feel like going into hiding:(

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


thank you MadamKelly, but don’t be too nice to me just now or I’ll end up crying again:(
But, I’m just looking at Piper’s huge grin:)
Lol that would out a smile on anyone’s face:)


So glad to see you hear today and know that we can offer you some much needed love and support.

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Thank You Flirt

it’s so nice to be able to be in touch again.
And thank you so much for all the love and support…you were right…it is very much needed at the moment.


After reading that, I can only imagine what you have been going through. There are no adequate words really, but I wish you all the best with everything. x

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Thank You Brooster

it’s lovely to see you again, you’re bright avatar’s and drawing always make me smile:)

Sherlock is at PopClogs now.

Bright Thunder

I can only imagine what you have been going through. I know it does feel overwhelming, but you and I know that God is surrounding you with his love and grieving for every bit of your pain.

I feel like a very imperfect friend. I wish I could jump a plane and just BE THERE. You deserve that.

About your fiance, I am so, so sorry. You know that my Ex left when I had cancer. It is all too common. It’s a lousy time for a fight, but you can’t control his reaction.

Please let us know what we can do that’s practical. For example, do you need money? That’s easy enough to send. I don’t know anything about medical care in your country and whether alternative treatments are covered.

Does your family need help? I know it’s not easy for them, either. Would emails from us comfort them in any way?

You know if you need any research done, I’m your girl. I’m not good at many things, but I know how to look things up. Of course, you do, too, but I know you must be exhausted.

The feelings you’re having…you know that they are very understandable, right? It is like being hit by a truck. But you are doing what you need to do, even if it feels awful. That’s the definition of courage in my book.

I’m praying every day for you, along with M and her mom. Her mom’s new goal is to get well enough to come meet you. She is originally from your country, and it’s been her lifelong wish to go there. She was much encouraged by my descriptions of how well you got around. I want you to know that you are helping her from afar.

Please take gentle care of yourself and know that you are loved.



brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


I knew you’d understand, not only because of your own condition, but because of your great compassion and knowledge.
And you are a Wonderful friend, please don’t ever think otherwise…but wouldn’t it be great if we lived closer by:)

The help I need is very pratical, as in help applying the transdermal treatments, and waking up every two hours during the night to take different supplements and things… I get so exhausted I’m pratically incoherent. The help I need is very hands on type of help. Alternative treatments are not covered, but most of the things aren’t expensive. What I’m finding most difficult is gearing myself up to start the whole protocol again. I’m finding it hard to convince myself that there is a good reason to do so. And I’m dreading the transdermal aspects because of the severe cold weather…it takes 20 to 30 mins for them to be fully absorbed, and during that time the skin must be exposed. I’m pretty scared of another allergic reaction too:(

Thank you so much for the offer of help, but I think the greatest help is prayer, and contact…knowing there are people who care makes a huge difference.

I realise that emotionally I’m pretty unstable just now. Thank you for confirming that my array of crazy feeling are normal:)
I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster, and I guess most cancer patients go through these highs and lows. But I really just want to stand up and shout “STOP” I’ve had enough, I need a rest, but rest is so hard to come by…and the enemy within doesn’t rest.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post about the Healing Dog Kia who has been visiting me. A very dear friend got in touch, he’d been out of the country for a long time, and just recently returned. He’s been bring Kia to visit me. Kia is a german shepherd/huskie mix, he’s about 18 months old and won’t be fully grown until he is three. He’s already 130 lbs!!!! When he first came, he seemed to sense something was very wrong, and he came onto the bed beside me, and “scanned” the whole side of my body where the cancer is. I remember reading that dolphins scan humans for cancer, and can direct their sonar to destory the tumour. I know Kia has no sonar, but he knew where the cancer was. Once he was finished, he lay down beside me and whimpered. He laid is beautiful head on my shoulder and stared at me with his amazing blue eyes. I felt his huge strength flow into me, and I fell asleep resting upon his head. It was the most restful sleep I’d had in a long time. I don’t know if Kia is trying to heal the cancer, because he goes through the same routine each time he visits. But I do know he is healing my soul. My soul had been saddened very deeply, and this beautiful dog is like an oasis in a dessert, he’s filling me. I love his visits:)

Please give M and her mum my love. M’s mum has been on my prayer list for such a long time. Meeting her would be an honour.

I’m staring to ramble with exhaustion, I’ll write more soon. I’ve missed you so much.

HippieChick2 ♥ Part Deux ♥ Will never forget her time on 43 ♥♥♥

Kia is trying to heal your cancer by healing your soul

How can you heal from something so devastating if your soul is broken?

Kia is taking care of somehting vitially important in your treatment!!!

(((((KIA))))) (((((BRIGHTTHUNDER)))))

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


Hi I’ve missed you, how lovely to see you again. I’ve thought of you so often, and all those beautiful dogs:)
I’m so sorry you lost Bobby:(

I’m not surpised that you see so clearly, if anyone would understand the healing a dog can bring…it’s you. Yes Kia is healing my soul, and you’re right, that healing is necessary before any physical healing can happen.

All my life I’ve had to keep some things at a distance, especially the terrible cruelty to animals, but also the awful things that happen to people. I pray about all these things, but if I let them “in” and think about them too much…my soul becomes saddened.
I had a period of enforced bed-rest, which I never do well with, and my thoughts wandered to my many friends here. But so many have been facing saddness themselves, or losing beloved pets. All these things combined to sadden my soul.
It seems right somehow that this beautiful dog is now healing all that pain and saddness. What a gift animals are:)

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Get some sleep

and save this one for the morning. I just wanted to write a quick note back. I’ve used transdermal treatments as well, mostly for pain control. For me, they clearly help, but they are a pain to put on correctly and just manage, so I can imagine what a pain it is to do this treatment.

You are literally at war, engaged in war with that enemy within. Of course it is exhausting. I’m not surprised that the treatments are almost completely overwhelming—in killing off the abnormal cells, it can feel like they are actually killing you.

But I know you have a strong faith in God and an amazing capacity to draw strength from the simple things in life. It doesn’t surprise me that you much comforted by Kia. We use dogs here in cancer treatment, too, and they have an uncanny sense of exactly where the cancer is. He is trying to comfort you! There is so much sweetness in the love animals offer us.

I’m glad support helps. I know there are a lot of people who love you here, but none more than I.


brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

You're Right

transdermal treatments can be wonderful, but can be so very difficult too.

The natural approach to fighting cancer, has two sides. Firstly, taking care of the healthy cells, and second defeating the cancer cells. Steve is very determined, and believes we should get the cancer cells in the crosshairs, then blast them from every angle. I can’t argue with his logic, but once I had a list of all the things I’d to take and do, and drew up a plan…there wasn’t anytime left for either food or sleep…what a hoot:)
Had to do some re-arranging:)
But it’s very important to keep the blood levels of all the treatments constant, so it goes on all night as well as all day…this is the root of the exhaustion.

Kia’s love and strength have been a true blessing to me. And I must say my friend J has been very understanding…me and Kia have wonderful suggely sleeps together, and poor J hardly gets a hello:) But he’s been very understanding:)

My time without the computer was very hard, it’s so good to be in contact with everyone again. Even after just one day I feel so much more positive, and able to think of re-starting the full protocol again. That’s the strength that comes from love and support…that’s a miracle in my eyes, a gift from God to have you all around me:)
We’ll beat this together, you, me, Kia and all our dear friends here:)
(((((((((((((love you)))))))))))))))

NualaBuala Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life

Thank you so much

for sharing your story, it touched me deeply.
I wish you love, healing, strength and happiness.


brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Thank You

NualaBuala for your lovely words and sentiments…they mean a lot to me.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is so different from other forms of breast cancer, and is so often mistaken for infection. The delay in treatment often proves fatal, so I hope my ordeal will help some other women, and alert them to the danger.

NualaBuala Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life

Am thinking of you

and hoping you feel the strength, peace and happiness you deserve.

Sending lots of love your way!

N x

It all sounds so overwhelming

All I can say is that sometimes life sucks but then it gets better again. Hang in there. Know that we are all wishing you the best. I’m glad you have Kia.

It all sounds so overwhelming

All I can say is that sometimes life sucks but then it gets better again. Hang in there. Know that we are all wishing you the best. I’m glad you have Kia.

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Hi Razz:)

How great to see you again:) I’ve been so worried about you and BJ…I hope you’re both doing ok?
Thank you for all the good wishes, you’ve no idea how much they help.
I’m so glad Kia has come into my life too:)

(This comment was deleted.)

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


hugs from you, Max and Tigger are more then anyone could ask for:) Thank you so much.

Saraband savouring the simple things

Hello Brightthunder :)

I don’t know you – I’m still quite new here too – but I did want to send loving and caring thoughts to you at this very difficult time. You sound so strong and courageous and compassionate; I hope the year ahead brings you healing and peace ((((hug))))

please don’t worry about acknowledging this small comment. There is no need :)

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Hi Saraband:)

it’s lovely to meet you. Thank you for your thoughtful words. It’s very very touching when new friends reach out to you in your need. Thank you so much.


.... I have some inkling of what you are going through. My sister has the same diagnosis as you and has been valiantly fighting this aggressive cancer. I wish you strength and courage and am sending you warm hugs :)

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


it’s so great to see you again:)
I had no idea your sister had the same diagnosis, even though she’s been on my prayer list for some time. It saddens me greatly that she’s facing the same battle, please send her my love and good wishes.

thankyou :))

please take care of you …

Silvie Hiding the FB button behind another button does not really work :((

So glad to hear your update

but sad it is such devastating news.

All thoughts are with you, and that you will beat this terrible thing.

I’m out of cheers, but consider yourself cheerbombed

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

((((((((AWW Silvie))))))

delighted to see you, but so sad about the crutches:(
Your comment and kind thoughts mean more than a 1000 cheers:)
Look forward to catching up on all your news.

BT, you have tons of supporters here. Remember that you are in our thoughts daily.

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.


hi i’ve really missed you…so wonderful to see you again. I love that cute little avatar:)
Thank you so much for your daily thoughts, such support means more than I can say.
Must catch up on all your news.

(This comment was deleted.)

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

A goal

such as this is very special, and I’ll always be grateful that you cared enough to start it.
I’m hoping too that the next round of treatment will go more smoothly. As far as I know all the infection is cleared up, so there shouldn’t be anymore abcessess….heavens those were a nightmare:(

It’s very weird being single again:( thank you for your condolences over the break up.
Though it still really hurts, I suppose it must be for the best…obviously we weren’t as well suited as we thought, and it’s better to find these things out before the wedding, rather than after. But my goodness it hurts:(

Saraband savouring the simple things

What a lot

you have to deal with right now.

Hopefully the new year will bring some positive changes.

A cheer for encouragement :)

tikini wikini a fond farewell to 43Things

hoping all goes well in the next phase

healing can be a difficult path
wishing you well

brightthunder misses everyone, and is thankful for their prayers.

Thanks mahinui

I’m hoping the next round of treatment will be easier too. Maybe knowing what to expect this time will help…the first round was all a bit of a shock to me, this time I’ll be more prepared.

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