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Deskdude I want to start over, but not lose all my stuff. lol

Balance reading, writing, and learning how to write better (read all 3 entries…)
A Beautiful Routine

For the past three or four weeks, I’ve taken either a Saturday or Sunday morning to drive downtown to have breakfast and work on editing my novel in a large coffee shop/cafe for two or three hours first thing in the morning. I’m really enjoying it – the cafe is beautiful, the music they play is perfect, and I’m always able to find an out-of-the-way booth with a power outlet (not pictured). This cafe is two stories with a balcony, a bunch of couches and easy chairs, etc., and the food is awesome.

I don’t know what this says about “balance”, and it’s not like I don’t write/edit on other days of the week from home, but this is a routine I hope I can keep up indefinitely; it’s an inspiring environment and I love going out to breakfast. :) Just thought I’d share. You’re welcome to come hang with me. ;)


ExGratia is on a mission.


There used to be a locally owned coffee shop near my house that I would go to on Sunday mornings to read.

It had an old school feel, all dark wood panelling and black leather chairs, and a big velvet couch with two club chairs, tucked in a corner that was my chosen spot. I loved going there because the environment was a perfect getaway for me. I could grab an espresso, my book and a slice of cake and disappear for awhile. Heaven.

I think your weekend coffee shop getaways say plenty about balance. Environment has a direct impact on your mental state, and the more variety we have, I figure the more creativity we can pull from. Make sense?

Deskdude I want to start over, but not lose all my stuff. lol

Makes total sense!

I can do old school coffee shops all day long! This one isn’t exactly old school, but it’s in an old building, does that count? lol

ExGratia is on a mission.

It looks like a cool place!

Energetic, colorful and fun! If I was creating, writing, I think it’d be a good place for it.

All we have here now are Starbucks. My old place closed down, and the only other independant cool place is near my office on the other side of town.

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