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Sammie Thinking I should "Do It Now!"

Donate $25 for a Kiva loan (read all 4 entries…)
Browsing the Kiva site

I have been browsing the Kiva site and reading more and more about the loan recipients (called entrepreneurs on the site – I like that, it empowers them).

There is so much to learn, and a little to be wary of … or not so much wary, perhaps just aware. It appears that not all of the lending groups are made equal. There are things like risk factors and so forth to take into account – although I did notice that at least one group who are doing absolutely amazing things in their community have a very high risk rating. Perhaps the greater risk means the lenders money may have a greater impact? The other thing I noticed was religion, which led me to realise that some of the MFIs may not be in line with my own beliefs. Not a problem, just a reminder to me to pick an MFI who’s mission I support rather than just randomly selecting an entrepreneur off the front page.

Also, the more I read the more I find myself googling place names, historical events, charity organisations. I feel like I’m learning and taking away so much just from the one simple step of signing up and donating $25. It really makes you appreciate what you’ve got. This story in particular got me thinking. Working it out on today’s currency conversion rates this man’s weekly net income is ~$31 AUD. Even allowing for different costs of living, he’s supporting a wife and three kids. Really puts it in perspective, hey?


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