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travelmickey is in the Arctic Circle... eek!

Drive around Europe in a VW campervan (read all 2 entries…)
Road runner

The rough plan so far: UK – Paris (France) – Belgium – Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Bremen (Germany) – Copenhagen – (Denmark) – Stockholm (Sweden) – Oslo (Norway) – Berlin (Germany) – Poland – Czech Republic – Hungary – Italy – Monaco – Spain – France – UK.

Now just need the VW…


Those were the days, man.

I’ve done some travelling through Europe, and I used to own a VW Camper (but it was here in Canada)... so I can understand the attraction.

To me, my 1973 VW van was complete freedom. It slept four (three comfortably), had a sink, stove toilet and fridge and I could go anywhere a 18-year-old could think to go. I kept a couple changes of clothes in the back and when I felt like it I could just drive ‘till I ran out of money.

Probably the happiest memory I have – thanks for bringing the good times back! Good luck in your travels.

I've done this :-)

My parents had a VW camper van – bright orange! We spent a couple of years doing trips in it – top of Scotland, down to the Pyranees in Spain and to Venice, Italy. It was a lot of fun and we had some great shared family experiences – as well as some very loud fights! My Dad recently sold it as it hasn’t started for a couple of years and the guy got it going and took it to Turkey which is pretty cool.

travelmickey is in the Arctic Circle... eek!

Wow that sounds amazing

I am going to shout at my parents right away for not having a VW when I was a kid! It sounds like your family trips were a lot of fun. I think me and my brother would have killed one another when we were little though – even though weirdly enough we’re always talking about doing road trips now we’re big! VW Campers are sooooo cool – particularly bright orange ones!

My brother and some of his mates took the van to the south of france a couple of years running and I think they had a lot of fun in it. The engine and gear box were decidely dodgy by that stage but they made it there and back.

It was a great couple of years and we had some good times. We bought it originally to have it for one year and take it surfing in Cornwall but we kept it for about 8 years in the end!

travelmickey is in the Arctic Circle... eek!

Sounds wicked...

literally cant wait to get one. Think I’ll get ripped off badly though. Living in halls at uni has made me very content living in small spaces – and I like pot noodles – so I think the VW life is for me!


when are you going on this little trip? i would love to do something like that but im living in sydney at the moment

travelmickey is in the Arctic Circle... eek!

Not for a while...

I’m living in the Middle East at the moment – so it’ll have to wait ‘til I am back home in the UK and the whole of continental Europe is on my doorstep.

Dreams !

I love your plans – we have similar ideas, but not the time at the moment. We do have the VW camper though – it was a choice between changing the dark green bathroom suite or buying the camper.

I thought about what the kids would remember when they are older, and bought the camper – thankyou Joless for confirming I made the right choice! I’m sure they wouldn’t be remembering a new bathroom suite!!

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